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Magic Notecards have lots of fun uses!

  • Test Notecards
  • Unique Flashcards
  • Secret Notes
  • 3D Drawings
  • Playtime Toy
  • Rolls like a boss with twice the formulas and notes for tests on the same notecard space
  • Unique flashcards for lazy people. Just close one eye to see the answer.
  • Write your letter in one color, then write another fake letter on top in a different color
  • Make your own 3d anagylphs because they're really, really cool ;)
  • Does it come in a fancy box? Nah, but it's full of imagination and kids love it!

$ 9.99

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Magic Notecards Starter Kit

Comes With:
* Single set of Magic Glasses
* Single set of Magic Pens
* 10 sheets of 3x5in Magic Notecard paper

Cat mail
$ 14.99

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Magic Notecards

Priceless Complete Magic Kit Gift for Kids

  • * Comes with two Magic Glasses, share with a friend!

  • * Get double the Magic Pens than the starter kit

  • * Get 25 3x5in Magic Notecard paper to write on

  • * FREE BONUS: Watch 3D movies on your computer too

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Magic Notecards work?

Use the Magic Glasses to see the different text layers when you write or draw using the included Magic Pens on Magic Notecard paper.

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3d glasses review

FREE BONUS:Enjoy watching 3D videos with your Magic Glasses!

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